Sneak Preview of blurb for book #2 in The Crystal Keeper Trilogy

August 5, 2015

I’m currently going through a major rebrand of my book covers, which I plan to reveal this September. The title for book #2 will be revealed along with the new cover. In the meantime, I thought I’d share a sneak preview of the book blurb for the second book in The Crystal Keeper trilogy.


Hidden in the Sea of Sirens lies a mysterious city. But the great crystal that protects its inhabitants is dying. A prophecy is realised. A champion is chosen. And a deadly quest begins…

When fate throws Josie into an abyss of monsters and merfolk, she is chosen to accompany Onni, a telepathic boy with mesmerising eyes, on an impossible mission. Together they must make a terrifying journey across the treacherous snow-capped peaks of Pharador to the lands of the frozen North, to find an ancient spellbook, lost for over two hundred years.

Caught up in an avalanche, a rebellion and a soul seer’s prophecy, Josie must fight her demons – fight her heart – and fight to stay alive.

Unaware that an old enemy is after the very book they seek, Josie and Onni hurtle into greater danger and towards the agonising truth of their own destiny.

For what fate has brought together, it can also tear apart.

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